EyeSee Drone


The 2018 CES, which was held in Las Vegas was a big hit in the world of tech-lovers.

There, were so many different devices being introduced to the public, and it felt a bit overwhelming sometimes due to the crowdy CES areas, and especially there where the drones’ companies were.

Though, when a drone was in front of me and I liked it, I was able to forget all this crowd of people around me – at least for a short-lived minute. This minute was like pure Magic and it felt like in the whole area was just me and the drone on the showcase.

Yes!!! All you, drone-lovers you can understand me. When it comes to drones, you can bet they’ll have all of my attention because they’re in my main hobbies list.

However, all hobbies to the side, did you know drones are also being used in work places and they can help you in many tasks?

While I saw Uber and Bell introduce a drone simulator of what they plan to do in the future (a drone that flies people around – like an air taxi), my attention was turned to EyeSee Drone. If you run a warehouse for example, just read my short report bellow about this drone. May be you will find it very interesting too …


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What’s about the EyeSee Drone?

The EyeSee Drone was first introduced at the CES in Las Vegas in 2018.

It is an inventory drone that has been deigned to automate, accelerate and secure inventory and stock-taking operations in warehouses.

This amazing drone is capable of solving all problems associated with inventories including risks for participating personnel, rental of elevated work platforms, and so on and so on.


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Inventory Solution

The drone is all about making stock-taking easier than ever before.

EyeSee Drone contains the bellow parts:

  • The Drone – A drone that is capable of flying around a warehouse. As it flies around, it captures information by reading bar codes that are on pallets and boxes. The drone reads labels five times faster than the traditional ways of the last years.
  • A Back Office Application – The back office application comes in handy for administration. It can be configured with other applications like ERP and WMS.
  • A Tablet Application – The tablet application allows an operator to control the drone and check the data that has been captured. You can interact with the drone on your tablet too.


Automates and Simplifies Logistics Inventories

The drone has a 360 -degree anti-collision system. If it detects an obstacle, it will stop flying.

Using its indoor geo-localization and sensors, this drone is capable of flying around a warehouse based on a predetermined flight plan. The cameras are active so that they can capture information from logistics labels for the stock-taking.

The operator can look at the capture data on their tablet in real time and even interact with the drone also. What’s really useful would be the fact that this drone is capable of reading all bar code formats. This is good news, because you won’t have to change your bar codes around in the warehouse.

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In our days and years, it seems as if we can never predict what’s about to pop up in front of us.

When it comes to drones, many of us think only about the fun that is involved using these amazing gadgets. However, we forget that drones can be used in order to make our jobs easier and faster.

I have two friends that run different warehouses and they are definitely interested in using this drone because it’s going to help them save money, time and make their jobs a whole lot easier.

Of course you can find and purchase your drones Online and in Amazon in very fair prices and fast delivery time!!

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