GDU 02 Plus A Drone With Amazing Features

A very new and amazing Drone


The CES in Las Vegas this year was really incredible!

If you didn’t get the possibility to go, then you really missed out on a very good and interesting event. That is okay although, because if you’re interested in the drones that were introduced you lost something incredible. But don’t worry, because you have luck, and I am going to inform you exactly about all what I paid attention to and especially today I am going to tell you about a drone that comes from GDU Technology, which is a popular Chinese based drone company.

The DGU 02 Plus is foldable, compact, 4k capable, and it has features that have never been seen before.

Features that have Never Been Seen before

Surely, you’re interested in the features that have never been seen before, so I’m going to inform you about those in the very beginning.

The GDU 02 Plus is the first drone that is capable of shooting videos in time lapse and slow motion, without requiring any form of additional editing.

This is also the first drone to have it that way that the propellers and the arms slide out directly from the main body.

In order to insurance durability, the arms are fortified with aviation aluminum alloy, so it’s very light in weight.

It comes with a separate remote controller, which is something that many drones come with, right? Well, with this one, the controlled can be latched underneath the drone in order to add additional portability.

That’s right, the drone folds together with the controller all in one nice package and it looks a lot like a brick in order to make it easy to carry around with you.

Drone’s Specs

GDU 02 Plus and Battery Life


The GDU 02 Plus offers 20 minutes of flight on a single charge. If you plan on using the drone for a longer period of time, you can bring an extra set of batteries along with you.

The Weight of the drone

The drone is super light, weighing in at only 1.56 pounds. As you’re carrying it around, you’ll probably forget that it’s even there because it’s so light.

The Flight Speed of GDU 02 Plus

This drone is capable of flying as fast as 33.6 miles per hour. It may not seem like 33.6 mph is fast, but once it’s up in the air and going at that speed, it’ll certainly look fast enought. Along with the speed, it also has the capabilities of vertically climbing up to 11.2 mph.

GPS, Obstacle Avoidance and GLONASS

The drone is equipped with a GPS, obstacle avoidance and GLONASS. It also has safety features that are similar to a DJI Mavic.

The GDU 02 Plus is capable of connecting up to 20 GPS satellites, so you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing the flight is going to be very precise.

The Camera of the drone

The 13 MP camera that GDU 02 Plus has, is capable of taking 4ki videos at a resolution of 3840×2160 in 25fps and 30 fps.

It has an onboard Qualcomm 801 snapdragon processor, so the images will be in a high quality.

Images can be instantly shared to all of your friends on social media through the app.

The Differences Between the GDU 02 and the GDU 02 Plus

There are two different versions of the GDU 02 – you have the GDU 02, which uses a 5.8 GHZ controller and is capable of traveling 0.6 miles. The GDU 02 Plus, on the other hand, uses a 2.4 GHZ controller and is capable of flying up to 4 miles. For the GDU 02, the build in memory is only 16 GB, while the Plus has 32 GB of storage.


If you’re looking for a good drone that is easy to carry around and can take good pictures and video, then the GDU 02 Plus may be suitable for you. The GDU 02 is set to be available to the public sometime in October this year.