High Great Hesper A Very Good Low Price Drone

Where I saw High Great Hesper first time

The CES 2018 was held in Las Vegas this year and I have to inform you that my trip was well worth.

Las Vegas is a place full of excitement, but being the tech-enthusiast that I really am, while the CES was going on, that is all I am truly cared about.

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During the CES, I witnessed many different and interesting gadgets that are set to come out this year, but my key attention was placed towards the drones. And of course this huge interest exists because drones are one of my main hobbies.

Each year, I enjoy looking at the future drones and compare them with them from the last year and writing few short reviews about them to inform my friends and my sites visitors.

And every year, that’s the time that my hobbies budget gets almost emptied out, but this is the type of hobby that is well worth every penny.

During this time, I witnessed businesses like DJi and PowerVision announcing their latest and “greatest” drones that are set to come out in 2018, but there was one company that I believe should have received more attention and that was High Great.

High Great is a company that is based in Shenzhen and its main focus is on creating drones. During the CES 2018, they actually introduced two drones, the Mark and Hesper. Both of the drones are affordable and have a great quality. They are also aimed at drone enthusiasts that just so happen to be on the lower side of the price range. While the Mark is a great drone within itself, today, I want to take here a closer look at the Hesper and inform you about it.

In my opinion, the Hesper drone is better than the Mark drone in a variety of ways. However, it does share the same features as Mark, including the foldable design, Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, and the Sony IMX 214 sensor.

The Design of Hesper

At the first minutes, looking at the Hesper, it almost feels as you see the DJI’s Mavic Pro and maybe you think that High Great has inspired from this drone for their design, which isn’t a bad thing, because I actually like how the Mavic Pro looks like.

4K Videos

If you’re looking for a drone that is capable of taking 4K videos, then you’re looking at it right now.

This drone has a nice onboard camera that is mounted direction on the nose.

The Flight Time of High Great Hesper

The flight time is something that truly surprised me.

With drones in this low price range, I’m used of seeing flight times of about 4 or 5 minutes, but this one right here, actually offers a total time of 18 minutes. It also has a 1950 mAh battery.

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Controlling the Hesper

You can control the drone from a physical controller or a smartphone app. On the smartphone app, you will have a live camera feed, which is pretty cool.

Adjustable Mechanical Gimbal

The High Great Hesper has an adjustable mechanical gimbal, which is capable of adjusting between -15 degrees to 90 degrees.

Visual Processing and Tracking Capabilities

The drone offers visual processing and tracking capabilities. As I previously mentioned, there’s two operation modes – remote control and APP.

When you use the remote control, you will be limited to 60 meters, but with the app, you can fly up to 800 meters, which is pretty good.


All in all, the Hesper is a pretty good drone with many interesting features. The Hesper was set for sale in the stores sometime in March this year (2018) and I believe that the cost was about $499 at the beginning.

I believe that the price for this drone is well worth it.

Would I recommend the Hesper to my friends and family? If you had a choice between the Mark drone and this drone, while this drone may be a little bit more expensive than the Mark drone, in my opinion, it would be the best choice.

So yes, I would recommend the Hesper to my friends and family members, as long as they can afford it.

You can find and purchase Hesper online and in Amazon too!!!



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