During the CES in Las Vegas this year, there were so many amazing new gadgets being announced – some of them better than others.
One that really stands out from the crowd in our mind would be the Hover Camera Passport – it really is just as delightful as they say it is. The Hover Camera is yet, another drone. Have you noticed how quickly drones have evolved over the past couple of years? It’s obvious that we are walking into a new era. Now, manufacturers are putting useful features and specs inside them in order to target a particular type of use, like filmmaking or racing.

The Hover Camera Passport from ZeroZero Robotics is a good example of the trend, Instead of it having everything and anything inside of it, it was specifically designed for selfies and follow footage. The question is – is the Hover Camera Passport just as good as the other drones on the market? Can it really stand up against its competition?

This is a useful little gadget with a built-in camera and as an added bonus, it has an auto-follow feature! We also feel the need to mention the fact that it’s foldable, which comes in handy while traveling. The Hover Camera Passports comes with all kinds of pieces, even an extra battery!

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This is one of the most portable drones we have ever came across – in fact, the company intentionally built it to fit inside of a purse of a backpack, so you will be able to take it along with you whenever you need.


This drone has a brilliant design and is equipped with a nice little camera. It is capable of shooting video in 4K and taking photographs at 13 megapixels (it also have a built-in flash)

There’s a reason this drone stands apart from the other drones on the market – it has image recognition software. This means that the drone is able to track faces and bodies, all while it maintains its position without needing a GPS.


You may also like the fiber prop cages on this drone – those alone offer numerous advantages. One of the biggest advantages would be the fact that they are responsible for protecting the propeller if it were to run into obstacles. Most important, though, these guards will also protecting you from those blades, making it safe to launch straight from your hands are grab from the air when you’re done.


The designers built this drone specifically to be used as a flying camera robot and the specs and abilities nesting behind it reflect on this. It will stay close behind and follow you wherever you go, which is something we really like. It’s fully focused on flying itself around, so you don’t have to control it. This whole machine is all about autonomous flight, which seems to be a trend of the future.

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