There’s nothing quite like going out to the lake or the coast for a nice spot of fishing. You can have the best of everything, I’m talking the best bait, perfect gear, the whole nine yards, but if you are set up in the wrong spot, you’re not going to catch anything. Experience and knowledge can only take you so far and that is where PowerVision comes into play. This is a company that has created an underwater robot that is known as PowerRay – this robot can be used to help you catch the big one!


The PowerRay fishing drone can go pretty deep – 98 feet underwater! During this time, you can turn on the optional “Fishfinder” sonar component, which you can use in order to detect fish that is another 40 meters below it.

The drone has a pretty cool WiFi system that sends out images and video that is captured by the integrated 4K camera (yes, it has a 4K camera). It is capable of sending additional data on the temperature and the underwater landscape up to the surface. You can view all of this data through a dedicated iOS or an Android app.

With the PowerRay Fishing Drone, you will also have an internal fish luring light. Apparently, this light can help attract fish through the “hue of blue,” which they claim is welcoming to fish. Whether this “hue of blue” actually works or not, I’m really not sure. Honestly, this is just something you’ll have to try and see for yourself. Something tells me that certain fish will attract to this light though, so it is well worth the try. Oh yes, there’s also an optional remote-controlled bait drop that can put snares in the desired location, which I personally find pretty cool.

If you’re still not amazed – perhaps the virtual reality aspect will amaze you? This device comes with an option to be controlled via its own VR goggles – yes, you hear that correct. You can use the PowerVision VR goggles with this device in order to control the robot simply by moving your head – no joke.


If you really want to be the star of your next fishing trip and you want to be the envy of all of your fishing buddies, then the PowerRay Fishing Drone might just be a viable option for you. By the way, this product will come out on February 27, 2017 and PowerVision hasn’t announced a price yet, but regardless, it might be something worth investing in, especially if you go fishing on a routine basis.