The Amazing Lovable Drones (Part 1)

You can go backwards, you can hover, and you can go straight up or straight down. What is it? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no …it’s a drone!!!

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If you are familiar with the RC world, you probably already know this, because the news about quadcopters has been buzzing the last 2 years.

Drones (quadcopters) are unmanned aerial automobiles that are extremely fun to fly
(especially if you love this type of stuff). In this day, the word “drone” is normally
used when speaking about some kind of remote controlled unmanned aircraft – this
could mean a quadcopter or even a slightly more advanced octocopter. Notice
that when I refer to “quadcopter,” we are referring to “drones, quadcopters and
UAVs – I am writing this so that you do not get confused.
Today, I am going to inform you about quadcopters, give you some buying tips,
tell you about flying them and much more, so pay close attention to what I write further in this article.

What is a Quadcopter?

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The quadcopter is one of the top selling products in the world of remote-controlled
vehicles – so many of us are already using them. A quadcopter is something like an unmanned helicopter that has a total of four rotors. It has a total of four arms and each arm has a propeller and a motor at the end of it. In some ways, they are similar to helicopters.

However, the difference is: Their lift and thrust comes from four different propellers, instead of one. Also, a helicopter has a tail rotor that is used to help stabilize its craft, whereas a quadcopter does not have a tail rotor. When the quadcopter is flying, two of the propellers spin counter-clockwise, while the other two spin in the opposite direction (clockwise) and this is what allows the machine to hover in the air.

People of all ages enjoy quadcopters and some even use them for photography and taking videos. In addition to this, they have been used in disaster management, police operations and agricultural applications.

They Have Different Names

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As we stated in the beginning of this article, many times, quadcopters are referred
to by different names, such as quadrotor, quadrocopter, quad-copter, UAV, UAS or
drone. You also have tri copters (those have three blades), hexacopters (six blades)
and octocopters (eight blades). The multirotos that have a large amount of blades
have a tendency to be larger and are designed to carry a heavier load. For example,
Amazon has talked about using octocopters due to their stability and ability to
carry a large amount of weight. However, if you do not plan on flying packages
around town, the quadcopter will do just fine.

Buying a Quadcopter

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It’s time to pick your first drone! Isn’t that exciting? Of course, mind you, you
should treat this as if you are going out and buying a car. That means: research is needed!!!

You need to find the quadcopter that is right for you and your needs. Go to your local hobby shop and you are likely to come across dozens of different models. We are going to split this into three different sections – you have buying drones for kids, buying drones for adult and buying drones for hobbyists.

Quadcopters for Kids

We’re going to start by telling you about buying quadcopters for kids. Let’s think
about this – fast-moving flying object with sharp blades – what could go wrong
here? Pretty much EVERYTHING!!!

We’re going to be honest with you. Drones are dangerous and adult supervision is a
MUST. As for the drone itself, we recommend going for something that doesn’t cost
a whole lot, yet is sturdy. You need one that has blade guards that will protect
people, pets walls and other obstacles going against your little pilot.

Introducing the Rolling Spider

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For under $100, you can get the Rolling Spider – it is an indoor mini-drone that has
2 big plastic wheels (the wheels are removable). The wheels are there for
protection and rolling. Take note: In order to fly this phone, you will need a tablet
or smartphone.

Introducing the Syma X5C

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If you want to give your kid a traditional outdoor RC experience, the Syma X5C
would be the best bet. This one offers better range – it’s fast, big and sturdy. It also
have LEDS that will help keep track of the drone while it is in the sky. Plus, with
the Syma X5C, your kid will be tickled, because it comes with a nice high-def

Quadcopters for Beginners (Adults)

As an adult, even though you’re a beginner, you will want something that is a bit
more sophisticated. Today, we are going to introduce you to 2 quadcopters that
would be perfect for beginners (these two have a low price tag on them).

The Hubsan X4 H1o7

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If you like fast flying objects, you’re going to enjoy the Hubsan. This beauty has
amazing maneuverability and speed all packed into a plastic shell that will fit in the
palm of your hand.

The Parrot Bebop

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If you are searching for something that is a bit more sophisticated, Parrot’s Bebop
would be a great choice. This features a fisheye camera (180-degrees), built-in
GPS and an automatic flight-stabilization. The GPS will allow the quadcopter to
fly back to your launch location in case it gets out of sight.

Quadcopters for Hobbyists

If you’ve already owned a couple of quadcopters and you know all about them, we
have something in store for you.

Phantom 2 Vision +

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Have you heard about this one yet? It features a nice GoPro-style camera that you
can control from the remote, it has a GPS feature that allows it to return to you and
you can even use your tablet in order to plot the flights. Mind you, this one is more
expensive, which is why we recommend it for hobbyists.

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